About us

About us

The creators of the system

SmartMetering24 is a producer of the highest quality of special electronics devices. All offered devices and applications are designed, constructed and manufactured by us.

The equipment and the software necessary for its operation are based on innovative technological and electronic concepts, and the team’s constructors and designers are top-class engineering staff constituting a collection of the best specialists in the industry.

The idea of ​​the system

SmartMetering24 is an innovative solution dedicated to water supply companies and municipal plants, which enables remote monitoring and management of water distribution.

The system was created for the effective and modern management and distribution of water. It has a positive impact on the rational management of water resources, contributing to the improvement of the comfort of local communities and increasing the protection of the natural environment.

Our mission

SmartMetering24 is a system that facilitates the work of water supply companies and positively influences their functioning. The higher value accompanying our activities is environmental protection. The SmartMetering24 system is one of the elements of the project whose main assumption is to counteract climate change.

It is thanks to SmartMetering24 that it is possible to monitor water flows, control data, and also quickly diagnose, for example, uncontrolled leaks. All this makes saving water much easier. By investing in SmartMetering24, you invest in environmental protection.