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Smartmettering24 is an innovative monitoring system that allows automatic reading and data transfer from water meters!

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What is SmartMetering24?

SmartMetering24 is an intelligent monitoring system that allows an automatic reading and data transfer from water meters without involving additional workforce. Thanks to the innovative use of the GSM network for data transmission directly from the water meters to the application, the user has access to all information in real time. This allows to reduce irregularities that occur during water distribution, the detection of which is impossible using previously used methods.

Water meter with Pronaqua communicator

GSM base station

Smartmetering24 application

Who is it designed for?

The service is designed for all suppliers involved in water distribution, mainly for water supply companies and municipal plants carrying out regional distribution activities.

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How do we implement SmartMetering24?

Communication between the communicator and the server takes place wirelessly thanks to the use of M2M solutions offered by available cellular networks.

The system operates on the basis of a multifaceted telemetry infrastructure, including:

  • Communicators Pronaqua mounted on water meters
  • A GSM network providing communication between elements of the system
  • Servers aggregating information sent from water meters
  • Access application for the user

What does SmartMetering24 give you?

Monitoring instead of readings! Save thanks to innovation!

  • Automatic, remote reading of data from water meters
  • Online access to data collected in the system
  • The ability to create alarm rules
  • Simultaneous reading of data from all water meters
  • Daily flow reports
  • Immediate alarms of magnetic and mechanical interference
  • Unlimited number of on-line alerts
  • Daily balancing monitoring
  • Daily power supply and distribution balance in zones
  • Increased water registration and sales
  • Shortening the time of failure detection and abuse
  • Reduction of the company’s operating costs
  • Optimization of the water meter’s economy

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