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What is SmartMetering24?

SmartMetering24 is an innovative system that allows remote, fully automatic and non-invasive “workforce” to read water meters status and conduct monitoring and management of water flow online.

The SmartMetering24 service allows to reduce irregularities and costs incurred at the water distribution stage, the detection and analysis of which is difficult, and sometimes even impossible using the traditional methods of reading.

System benefits:

SmartMetering24 allows

a water supply company to draw conclusions in which it is possible to compare the actual amount of water introduced into the grid with the consumption figures that are recorded by the water meters on a 24-hour basis. Using the system, the company is able to determine differences in these quantities and on their basis take measures to minimize possible losses.

System functionality:

Thanks to the alarm function, the system makes the water supply company minimize losses while simultaneously reducing the employee’s duties and operating costs of the company.

The system alerts about:
  • excessive water consumption
  • magnetic meter sabotage
  • reverse flow
  • no water consumption
  • mechanical interference

How it’s working?

SmartMetering24 is a service based on remote and automated data transfer from water meters to user applications. The water meters that work with the system have Pronaqua communicators produced by SmartMetering24. Their role is to read data in real time and transmit the collected information to the server via the GSM network.

In order for the system to bring as many benefits as possible with minimal financial outlay, it is compatible with the existing GSM infrastructure, maintained by the mobile operators present on the market. Thanks to this, SmartMetering24 stands out among other solutions for remote data reading. An enterprise determined to implement the system does not have to invest its own resources in creating new infrastructure.

For whom is it designed?

The target user of the SmartMetering24 system are water supply companies and municipal utilities, regardless of the size of their infrastructure and the number of recipients. However, the service can be equally effectively used by cooperatives and housing communities, combined heat and power plants and other operators involved in media distribution.

SmartMetering24 allows you to generate unattainable results today and quick access to all collected information. Thanks to the use of innovative technology, every supplier who uses SmartMetering24 has the ability to reduce the costs associated with uncontrolled water losses in its own distribution network.

What does SmartMetering24 give you?

Monitoring instead of readings! Save thanks to innovation!

  • Automatic, remote reading of data from water meters
  • Online access to data collected in the system
  • The ability to create alarm rules
  • Simultaneous reading of data from all water meters
  • Daily flow reports
  • Immediate alarms of magnetic and mechanical interference
  • Unlimited number of on-line alerts
  • Daily balancing monitoring
  • Daily power supply and distribution balance in zones
  • Increased water registration and sales
  • Shortening the time of failure detection and abuse
  • Reduction of the company’s operating costs
  • Optimization of the water meter’s economy

How do we implement SmartMetering24?

In order to obtain information on the possibilities of implementing or using the SmartMetering24 service, please contact us directly. We will be able to individually prepare the implementation project and we will be able to provide you with all the necessary information.

If you have any questions, please contact us:
or by phone to the Customer Service Office
(+48) 91 488 47 40

The system operates on the basis of a multifaceted telemetry infrastructure, including:

  • Communicators Pronaqua mounted on water meters
  • A GSM network providing communication between elements of the system
  • Servers aggregating information sent from water meters
  • Access application for the user